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What is premises liability and what action can I take?

Premises liability is a problem for anyone who has been injured in a store, on a stairwell, at a corner due to crumbling sidewalk areas or due to snowy sidewalks. It can mean serious injury and chronic pain. Many people just mark it down as carelessness or a simple accident and don't take action to try and make a change to the situation for those who come after them.

Slip-and-falls aren't the only cause of unsafe premises

When it comes to lawsuits that deal with premises liability, one of the common events that triggers this legal action is a slip-and-fall incident. This usually occurs when an unsafe premises leads to a person slipping and falling, such as on a dilapidated or slippery surface.

Customer sues store after she injures herself in slip and fall

One of the major safety protocols that you probably don't think about that much, or even really notice, is the constant watch that stores must be on -- and the action they must take -- for dangerous conditions, slippery surfaces and other things that could pose a risk to any patrons or customers on their premises. part of this duty is visible in the form of those yellow safety cones that you see on the ground, warning people that you could slip and fall if you don't avoid the dangerous condition.

Premises liability can be complex, so consider an attorney

You know those yellow warning signs that grocery stores place near wet spots or dangerous areas in their stores? You've probably seen them hundreds of times and haven't thought twice about them. But they serve a very important purpose in premises liability law. If the store fails to alert patrons or customers to a dangerous threat with those warning signs, they can be held liable for any resulting slip-and-fall accident that may occur.

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