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Medical malpractice suits start with proving negligence

The modern world's advances cure all kinds of ailments and injuries, making it easy to forget that many worsened conditions and deaths occur due to negligent in-patient treatment. However, it can be difficult proving negligence on the part of a doctor, nurse or some other care provider.

2 dangerous pharmaceutical recalls from recent history

New York medical patients go to their doctors hoping to find relief and cures for their ailments. The last thing they expect is to get sicker because of the treatments and medicines they receive. However, two recent FDA recalls show how it is not uncommon for dangerous chemicals disguised as treatments and cures to be lurking in our medicine cabinets.

Wrongful death in New York defined and explained

If a loved one dies because another person was negligent or careless, including murder, the family of this person can file a suit for wrongful death. Many times, a criminal trial will occur first and the evidence used in that trial will aid the family in this action. There is a lower standard of proof in a civil trail and this makes it easier for the family to be proven right.

Wrongful death of Joan Rivers brings lawsuit by her daughter

Losing a loved one due to the carelessness of a company, a hospital or another person's actions is heart rending. It is so sad to have to bury someone whose life was cut short. That is what happened to the daughter of Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers.

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