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Uneven sidewalks could be risky for bikers, joggers and others

When people think about sidewalk injuries, they probably think about pedestrian accidents with motor vehicles or perhaps a snow-related slip-and-fall incident. However, the potential risks of sidewalks are not limited to only the winter months. The sidewalks themselves can cause injuries and even deaths to unsuspecting people who are just going about their daily lives.

Delayed abdominal pain after a car accident is serious

Many of the injuries that a person might suffer in a car accident do not cause pain immediately. In some instances, these injuries may go undiscovered for some time, until they worsen and become painful. In some cases, this leaves victims with very little time to seek treatment.

Falling ice during thaws could result in premises liability

The winter in New York brings with it all kinds of serious risks. The potential for motor vehicle crashes increase due to holiday drinking, as well as inclement weather that can leave roads slippery and dangerous. Sidewalks and parking lots can become risky places if ice and snow isn't cleared, resulting in slip-and-fall accidents that injure people.

Tired driving is seriously risky

It's a dark and stormy night, and driving conditions are already compromised. A person just gets off of a long shift or decides to drive home for the weekend after staying up to study for a test. Despite being very tired, they decide to get behind the wheel and drive. Suddenly, a car in front of them stops short, but they are too sleepy to react correctly, causing them to crash into it.

Study demonstrates dangers to young football players

Blows to the head, even if they are relatively minor, can cause greater brain damage than you might realize — especially in a young child. Mild brain trauma is often more severe than it seems, and many of the effects can last up to a year if a fully grown, healthy adult receives a brain injury.

Insane driving distractions people have seen on the road

Driving distractions often don't seem like a big deal. You lean over to pick up your phone after it falls on the floor. You take a sip of your hot coffee during an early morning commute. You look away from the road for just a second to see who texted you and how important it is.

Negligence and cost-cutting could lead to construction risks

Working in construction is a dangerous career path. Most construction workers finish their jobs without any incident, but some construction workers end up injured or killed while working. Sometimes, accidents are a result of an unpredictable confluence of events. Other times, workers are needlessly hurt or killed due to poor decision making by their employers. While accidents do happen, sometimes they are preventable. Employers should take every possible step to safeguard their workers when on a job site.

Considering a wrongful death suit after a traffic accident

Losing a loved one in a traffic accident can be a devastating experience. It can take months or years for a family to recover emotionally, and the financial impact of this kind of loss could last a lifetime. When a family's primary wage earner gets killed in a fatal traffic accident, all kind of bad things can happen. The family loses out on wages and future income. They can also lose health insurance policies, which can add a crippling monthly expense to an already thin household budget. In some cases, the family could end up without the money to repair or replace the vehicle involved in the crash.

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