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Report identifies daydreaming as major road safety hazard

Road safety experts often blame New York distracted driving accidents on the popularity of cellphones and other mobile electronic equipment. However, a study released by Erie Insurance to coincide with Distracted Driving Awareness Month suggests that daydreaming may actually be an even greater hazard for road users. Researchers studied accidents in the United States that claimed 172,000 lives over the last five years, and they determined that 61 percent of the distracted driving crashes involved a motorist who was lost in thought.

Autonomous vehicle makers questioned over forced arbitration

Lawmakers including New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand have asked companies involved in the development of autonomous vehicle technology to clarify their positions on forced arbitration agreements. Questions have been asked about the safety of self-driving cars in the wake of an accident in Arizona involving an autonomous Uber SUV that claimed the life of a pedestrian. Media reports suggest that Uber's terms of service would prevent individuals injured in such a crash from pursuing civil lawsuits.

Reducing human influence could improve driverless cars

While a number of issues related to self-driving technologies are debated in New York and across the United States, many hope that autonomous vehicle technology could help to cut down on car accidents and make the roadways safer. However, autonomous vehicles do not have an accident-free record; because of the nature of self-driving cars, crashes involving these vehicles tend to receive widespread publicity. When looking at how to improve the safety of autonomous cars, one professor notes that human influence itself could be responsible for autonomous vehicle accidents.

Conversations, cell phones both distracting to drivers

For some New York drivers, even having a conversation in the car might be a distraction. A meta-analysis that appeared in the journal Human Factors looked at experimental studies on driving and distraction but no epidemiological reports or surveys. The analysis examined more than 100 experimental situations using more than 4,000 drivers and came to several conclusions.

Common injuries caused by drunk driving crashes

Drunk driving is responsible for around one-third of all traffic-related deaths in New York and the rest of the United States. Certain people, including drivers and passengers under the age of 24, motorcyclists and those with prior DUIs, are at greater risk of dying in a drunk driving crash.

Drowsy drivers and daylight saving time

With one less hour to sleep after daylight saving time goes into effect, many drivers across New York undoubtedly suffered from drowsiness on their morning commutes. A recent AAA study found that instances of drowsy driving increase after daylight saving time, so the organization gives drivers several tips on how to prevent getting into an accident.

Keeping highways safe with state governors' participation

America's roads are becoming less and less safe. In 2016, 39 states reported an increase in the number of traffic fatalities. Nationwide, the fatalities rose by 5.6 percent. A total of 37,461 drivers died in New York and across the U.S. that year. It is known that road safety conditions in America are inferior compared to those of other developed countries.

NTSB proposes ways to discourage speeding

Many New York motorists are aware that over the past few years, traffic-related deaths have been on the rise. Though some claim that distractions, especially smartphone-using pedestrians, are causing it, the National Transportation Safety Board has released a study saying that the main factor is speeding. About 31 percent of traffic deaths between 2005 and 2014 were caused by speeding, roughly the same as fatalities related to driving under the influence.

NHTSA to hold summit on drugged driving

Car accidents caused by drivers who are under the influence of drugs are on the rise in New York and across the United States, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration wants to do something about it. On March 15, the federal agency will host a summit designed to raise awareness about drug-impaired driving and develop solutions to solve the issue.

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