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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Employers urged to talk to employees about fall prevention

New York residents who are employed in the construction industry may be interested to learn that OSHA recently launched its annual National Safety Stand-Down Campaign. This campaign, which aims to prevent fatalities caused by falls and raise fall hazard awareness, was scheduled to take place between May 8 and May 12.

New bill increases penalties for construction safety violations

A New York state bill that was announced on Jan. 12 will change the state's penal code if passed and make it easier to prosecute corporations. Construction companies are a focus of the bill, and it includes specific rules for improving safety on construction sites.

Building a better safety culture in the workplace

New York human resources workers and business owners should regularly review safety standards in their workplace. They should begin by surveying the physical environment and noting any hazards. Another consideration is the cultural risks. This includes examining whether there is an overall culture of safety.

Top 4 causes of construction fatalities

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, almost 5,000 workers were killed while at work in 2014. Another three million workers suffered nonfatal illnesses and injuries due to work environments and construction accidents. The vast majority of work fatalities occur in the construction industry.

Group recommends changes to crane safety policies

The Tribeca crane accident in February led Mayor Bill de Blasio to create the Crane Safety Technical Working Group. That group has recently come back with 23 recommendations to improve crane safety. Those safety recommendations could help construction workers avoid injuries if the recommendations are followed.

What should I know about construction accidents?

Our country depends on construction workers to build the structures that we depend each and every day. These workers work hard to ensure that we can enjoy safe buildings, roads, and other structures. Often, these workers are working in dangerous conditions. When an accident does happen, the construction workers often depend on workers' compensation to help them pay for medical costs and lost wages.

How does a positive drug test affect workers' compensation?

You work hard at your job, but you get into an accident one day. The problem that is plaguing your mind now is that drug test that you are likely going to have to take. You might have used a prescription pain medication that wasn't prescribed to you or you might have used an illegal drug to try to relax. In either case, there is a chance that your drug screen will show positive results. Not only do you have to worry about medical issues from the accident, you also have to worry about how that result will affect your worker's compensation claim.

Construction injuries can qualify for workers' compensation

Construction workers are at risk of being injured throughout each shift on the job site. When a worker does suffer an injury, he or she might opt to seek compensation through the workers' compensation program. This program provides coverage that ensures construction workers can get the essential medical care that they need if they are injured.

Claims relating to construction accidents depend on circumstances

Working at a construction site means that you are constantly dealing with hazards that can be life-threatening. There are some instances in which a construction worker might be injured due to the actions or lack of action by a third-party. When that occurs, we can help you to seek compensation from the third-party.

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