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July 2018 Archives

Help avoid a crash with safe driving tips

When people in New York get behind the wheel, it is critical that they are aware of the dangers that can befall drivers on the roads. Every year, there are over 32,000 lives taken and 2 million injuries caused by auto accidents across America, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are a few common issues that cause a large number of these crashes, including distracted driving, drowsy driving and even emotional reactions to events on the highways.

Three ways for homeowners to improve pool safety

New York residents with a swimming pool know that keeping it secure is a big responsibility. The CDC estimates that there are 7.4 million pools and 5 million hot tubs on residential and public properties in the U.S. It also claims that over 3,500 Americans die in non-boating drowning accidents every year.

Far from rest areas, fatigued CMV drivers more liable to crash

Back in November, researchers published a study in Accident Analysis & Prevention, and their conclusions should be of interest to commercial motor vehicle drivers in New York. Fatigued driving is a hazard of the trucking industry, and researchers have found that fatigue-related CMV crashes are more likely in areas far from any truck stops, rest areas or weigh stations with rest havens.

Agency develops new measurement of trucking safety

Truck accidents can be particularly devastating for New York drivers on the road. Due to the size and weight of large semi-trucks, occupants of passenger vehicles are far more likely to be seriously injured or killed in a collision with a tractor-trailer. This means that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA, mandate to identify unsafe trucking companies and improve their records is important for the safety of everyone who takes to the roads. The FMCSA released a report that identified its plans to reform the Compliance, Safety, Accountability program to improve trucking safety.

Truck crashes pose severe risk to passenger car occupants

Truck accidents can be catastrophic and even deadly for occupants of other vehicles on New York roadways. Because of the weight and mass of tractor-trailers, a collision with a truck can have especially damaging, long-term effects. In addition, the size disparity means that the people in smaller vehicles bear a much greater risk. Statistics collected by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety show that 69 percent of the victims in accidents involving large trucks were in passenger vehicles, while only 16 percent of injured victims were occupants of the trucks.

Larger vehicles provide more crash protection for passengers

Most New York motorists hope they never get into a car accident. Unfortunately, collisions are often inevitable. That's why it's important to have a safe vehicle. According to data from the Highway Loss Data Institute, some cars protect drivers and passengers better than others if that dreaded day ever arrives.

Truck driver safety: its highs and lows by state

New York residents should know about some analyses made by two fleet management systems providers. In the first, a company analyzed the behavior of drivers from more than 6,200 of its fleets, including small and midsize businesses with anywhere between 2 and 200 work trucks, including commercial motor vehicles, pick-ups and light vans. Using this data, it ranked the 50 states for truck driver safety.

Pedestrians must be careful crossing roads and sharing the street

Walking remains one of the most popular methods of transportation in New York City. Thanks to heavy traffic and the ready availability of safe sidewalks, most people choose to walk at least some of the places they travel on any given day. Of course, there are many benefits to walking. It provides you with good exercise and ensures good cardiovascular health. It reduces your carbon footprint and expenses associated with commuting.

Travelers Institute touches on summertime distracted driving

Experts have already shown that distracted driving is a major issue in New York, as in every other state, but the issue only gets worse in the summer. This may be because there are more people on the roads who are going on road trips and vacations. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that there are 20 percent more miles traveled and 29 percent more road deaths in June, July and August than in the winter months of December, January and February.

What a slip and fall entails for business owners

Business owners in New York, even those who run a small business, know how costly it can get to uphold their duty of care to customers and employees. They must ensure that all entrants are safe when on their property, so there is the cost of maintenance and repairs as well as the cost of training employees on how to identify and prevent hazards. Signage will also be required for wet floors and other safety risks.

There may be a place for car insurance in the future

Drivers in New York may have heard reports saying that insurance companies will experience a sudden decline in revenue once driverless cars become more mainstream. A 2016 report from Morgan Stanley predicted that by 2040, the insurance industry would contract to only 20 percent of what it is now. However, recent accidents involving driverless cars, in addition to new research, point to a potentially different future.

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