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Drowsy drivers and daylight saving time

With one less hour to sleep after daylight saving time goes into effect, many drivers across New York undoubtedly suffered from drowsiness on their morning commutes. A recent AAA study found that instances of drowsy driving increase after daylight saving time, so the organization gives drivers several tips on how to prevent getting into an accident.

Drowsy driving account for nearly 10 percent of all car crashes in the U.S. If possible, drivers should get to bed earlier the night before. This is the first and most important step because nothing outside of rest can cure drowsiness. Drivers should also be extra careful when changing lanes. They should double check for cars and use their turn signals at all times to alert others who may be drowsy.

The mornings are darker, which means less visibility on the road, so drivers are encouraged to be on the lookout for cars and pedestrians. AAA advises pedestrians to wear reflective clothing and carry a flashlight during the night, dusk and dawn. With the sun setting later, more people will be out, so drivers should be cautious during their commute home as well. Another issue is the glare from the sun, but drivers could protect themselves with their sun visors or by wearing glasses with polarized lenses.

A drowsy driver is a negligent one, so car accident victims who incur vehicle repair bills, medical bills and other losses may be reimbursed for them by filing a claim. In order to be successful, though, they will want to seek legal representation. Accident attorneys usually have teams of investigators who can bring together the police reports and other evidence necessary to prove the defendant's guilt. Lawyers can also negotiate on their clients' behalf for a settlement, and they can take a case to court if the insurance company refuses to pay out.

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