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Driving with large trucks

New York drivers may be reluctant to share the road with big rigs. Their unwieldy size and propensity for moving back and forth between lanes can make driving on busy highways and roads nerve-wrecking. However, there are some things people can do to make driving alongside the large vehicles safer and more comfortable.

When driving near large commercial trucks, practicing patience and extreme awareness is key to remaining safe on the road. It is important that drivers of passenger vehicles not take any chances when near the larger vehicles, even if it may present an inconvenience. For example, drivers may be tempted to accelerate in front of a big rig that is attempting to move over into their lane. However, doing so places all parties in danger as the large vehicle is unable to come to a stop as quickly as a passenger vehicle.

Drivers should take extra precautions when passing large trucks, giving them more space than they would typically allow for other vehicles. They should always make sure that the front of the truck can be seen in their rear-view mirror before moving into the truck's lane. All drivers should make it a point to prevent situations in which truck drivers have to suddenly hit their brakes.

Another tip when driving near large trucks is to never assume that truck drivers are able to see all the other vehicles around them. They may have to swing to the left at a wide angle to execute a right turn, which is why driving directly beside or behind large trucks can result in a collision.

A personal injury attorney may help clients pursue financial compensation after they have been injured in truck accidents. The truck drivers may be held liable for accidents caused by speeding or drowsy driving.

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