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Common ways that car crashes occur

New York motorists are probably aware of the many dangers they face on the road; however, it's always good to recap since accidents still occur in large numbers. According to naturalistic driving studies, which use equipment like accelerometers, sonar, and video cameras to gather crash data, there are six common causes of car accidents.

One is when drivers make a rolling right turn at a red light. Though they may look for oncoming traffic from the left, they may neglect to see if any pedestrians or bicyclists are approaching from the right. A second common cause is drowsy driving. This causes 7 percent of all crashes and 21 percent of all fatal crashes. Even when drivers are confident that they're not sleepy, they may be subject to microsleep episodes, where the brain momentarily shuts off.

Drivers losing control cause 11 percent of all crashes; they may, for example, take sharp curves too fast or fail to slow down when roads are wet. A fourth cause is turning carelessly into blind spots. Rear-end collisions are another common cause since many drivers, in their rush, often drive close to the car in front of them. Lastly, 33 percent of crashes are caused by drivers who fail to stay in their lane or on the road.

There are roughly 6 million car accidents in America every year. Victims of such accidents may want to speak with a lawyer about filing an injury claim when there is clear proof of the other driver's negligence. A lawyer could hire accident reconstruction experts and other third parties to build up the case and negotiate for a settlement covering any vehicle damage, medical bills, and lost wages that the victim incurred.

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