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Insane driving distractions people have seen on the road

Driving distractions often don't seem like a big deal. You lean over to pick up your phone after it falls on the floor. You take a sip of your hot coffee during an early morning commute. You look away from the road for just a second to see who texted you and how important it is.

Little things. Yes, they often cause accidents, but they feel little.

Some drivers take it to another level. Below are a few of the most incredible driving distractions people have witnessed while behind the wheel.

1. Practicing the guitar.

One driver said he or she was coming up behind a pickup truck on the interstate and noticed a strange wooden object, along with the driver's hand, sticking right out of the window. At first, it just looked like the driver was holding something.

As the second car got closer, though, it became clear that the pickup truck driver had actually unpacked his guitar in the cab of the truck. He was likely steering with his legs so that he could have both hands to play. The neck, and the hand that was forming the chords, didn't fit in the cab, so he had the window down.

2. Driving with a foot out the window.

Sometimes, on a long trip, sitting in the car gets uncomfortable. You just wish you could stretch your legs out. Obviously, there's no space in front of you to do it.

Have you ever thought about putting one leg out the driver's side window? If this seems appallingly dangerous, you'll be shocked to know that some people go right ahead and do it. It's a distraction, it could make it harder to steer the car, and that driver will likely break his or her leg very badly in an accident -- but people do it all the same.

3. Reading a novel.

Think that reading a text message is bad? What if you don't care who texted you, but you're halfway through "War and Peace." Would you ever break it out and start reading while you drove?

The biggest issue here is the amount of time you spend looking away. Reading one text message is dangerous because you can drive the length of a football field in a few seconds. Reading a book means you're that distracted for the entire trip.

4. Playing video games.

Thanks to mobile computing technology, you can use your phone or a tablet to play games in the car. Games draw you in more than text messages or books. They're made to be addictive. This is just asking for an accident, as it's impossible to multi-task well enough to win the game and drive flawlessly.

While you may think these distractions are extreme and incredibly foolish -- and you'd be right -- it's also true that people do these types of things every day. The cost of accidents they cause can be incredibly high.

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