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Be careful when driving close to home

Many New York motorists feel comfortable driving on familiar roads close to home. Many of them, however, are not as alert because these are roads that they travel every day, and thus this can be a dangerous act. In fact, many car accidents take place within 25 miles of their homes.

Since drivers repeat daily trips through their neighborhood, they are at ease multi-tasking at the wheel. Auto accidents can happen even near home because of the driver's lack of attention. Negligent drivers cause wrecks by doing distractive things such as texting, making calls, and listening to music.

Rural roads are common places for serious accidents. Many country roads are curvy, narrow, and hard to navigate at night. An animal's sudden leap across the road can cause a driver to lose control of the wheel. The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission has noted that in 2013, 3,000 more fatal accidents occurred on rural roads than urban roads. In that year, about 16 percent of fatal accidents took place between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., and 31 percent occurred between 6 p.m. and midnight. These are reasons why drivers should resist distractions and watch the road.

There are some things drivers can do to prevent accidents on familiar roads. They should stay alert at all times. It is also important for the driver and passengers to wear their seat belts on all road trips. Seat belts can prevent or reduce serious injuries.

Statistics show that most car accidents are due to human errors, often caused by negligent drivers. People who have been injured in one caused by an inattentive driver might want to have the help of a personal injury attorney when seeking compensation.

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