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August 2017 Archives

Collision avoidance systems can greatly reduce accidents

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently conducted a study and found that collision avoidance systems have had a tremendous impact on reducing car accidents and injuries in New York and around the country. Researchers studied more than 5,000 accidents that would fit the criteria of what lane change and blind spot warning software are designed to prevent.

Safety perceptions and liability hamper self-driving cars

The future of the automobile seems firmly center on self-driving car technology. Well-known companies have invested in the aggregate billions of dollars in the research and development of autonomous vehicles. Developers have provided enthusiastic estimates for self-driving cars, leading many New York consumers to believe the roads may be filled with them in the coming decades. Despite the hype, a variety of problems may delay their development.

Trucking fatalities and lesser-recognized factors

As the number of fatal trucking accidents on roadways in New York and other states across the country continues to rise over time, motorists may want to consider a few seldom-discussed factors that may be to blame. While the general public might suppose that all commercial truck operators are aggressive and even dangerous drivers, U.S. Department of Labor data indicates that automobile drivers cause most fatal accidents that involve a large truck.

Device developed to keep drowsy drivers awake

New York motorists might have the opportunity to buy a device called Steer that will wake them up if they fall asleep behind the wheel. Steer is worn on the wrist and measures biometrics to determine when a person is becoming drowsy. When a person's sweat secretion and heart rate changes, this indicates that the person is falling asleep.

Negligence and cost-cutting could lead to construction risks

Working in construction is a dangerous career path. Most construction workers finish their jobs without any incident, but some construction workers end up injured or killed while working. Sometimes, accidents are a result of an unpredictable confluence of events. Other times, workers are needlessly hurt or killed due to poor decision making by their employers. While accidents do happen, sometimes they are preventable. Employers should take every possible step to safeguard their workers when on a job site.

Ride malfunction turns state fair deadly

Most New York residents probably would not expect a state fair to be the setting of a tragedy, but a ride malfunction at the Ohio State Fair killed one person and injured others on July 26. The fair in Columbus opened on the same day the accident happened, which put a damper on the events as fairgoers were horrified by the fatality and rides were shut down for safety inspections.

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