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Summer building season could cause more construction accidents

They say New York is the city that never sleeps, and in some regards, that is true. There are retail stores and restaurants open all day and all night. You can always find something to entertain yourself, no matter what day of the year or time of day. Similarly, construction tends to continue year-round, despite the icy winter winds and wet spring conditions. Summer remains the most popular time to do major construction projects, which means more construction workers are busy creating or updating buildings around the city and surrounding areas. Sometimes that means more construction accidents as well.

The summer poses some unique threats to the safety of construction workers. Bright sunlight can cause glare and reflections that temporarily blind or distract workers. Higher temperatures increase the risk of heat exhaustion or collapse, which could be fatal when working several stories up. The pressure to finish a project before the end of the season could prompt some construction companies to cut corners when it comes to safety, procedures and training. All of that combines to increase the risk faced by those who work in what is already one of the most dangerous lines of work available.

Focus on summer safety when working construction

If you or someone you love works in construction, it's important to adjust safety practices for summer months. Clothing and footwear should still emphasize proper coverage and safety, while being made of more breathable materials, if possible. It's important to ensure you have enough water and even a personal fan to help you keep cool while working in the scorching summer sun. If you make a habit of skipping breaks, the hottest days of the year are an ideal time to break that habit. You should do everything in your power to stay cool and stay safe while working outside during the summer.

All the safety precautions in the world won't help you if your employer is making poor decisions. Pushing for faster work or trying to avoid the expense of investing in proper equipment and machinery could result in a serious, even fatal accident. Workers in construction jobs face a lot of risk. Falls, falling objects, electricians and crushing accidents are the top causes of construction fatalities. It's easy to see how heat, glare and exhaustion could increase the risk for all of these kinds of accidents.

An attorney can help after a construction accident

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a construction accident, you should speak with an experienced New York personal injury lawyer. Your attorney can help determine your options for compensation, from filing for workers' compensation to suing an employer who violated safety standards. Working with a lawyer can help you recover after a serious workplace injury in construction.

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