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June 2017 Archives

Steps to take following an automobile accident

Most drivers in New York and around the country will be involved in an accident of some sort at one time or another. The vast majority of motor vehicle collisions involve human error, but this may not always be reflected in police reports if no road users were seriously injured and investigations were perfunctory. This can make things difficult for accident victims who wish to pursue civil remedies, so gathering as much pertinent information as possible in the immediate aftermath of a crash can be extremely important.

Ankle injuries caused by slip-and-fall accidents

When people slip and fall on property that may be unsafe for visitors or patrons, they could potentially suffer serious injuries to their ankles. Since ankle trauma could cause severe pain and prevent individuals from working for significant periods of time depending on how badly they're hurt, injured parties may want to file premises liabilities claims against the liable property owners.

Amusement parks and liability

New York residents may have heard about some serious injuries at amusement parks. In 2016, a 10-year-old boy died in an accident at a Kansas water park. Both the manufacturer of the rafts for the ride and the owners and operators of the park reached a settlement with the family. Although the amount was not disclosed, it was believed to be around $20 million.

Summer building season could cause more construction accidents

They say New York is the city that never sleeps, and in some regards, that is true. There are retail stores and restaurants open all day and all night. You can always find something to entertain yourself, no matter what day of the year or time of day. Similarly, construction tends to continue year-round, despite the icy winter winds and wet spring conditions. Summer remains the most popular time to do major construction projects, which means more construction workers are busy creating or updating buildings around the city and surrounding areas. Sometimes that means more construction accidents as well.

Yearly truck inspection event focused on cargo securement

This summer's International Roadcheck campaign, which ran June 6-8, focused on cargo securement. Organizers say that during the event, about 15 trucks are inspected every minute. The annual campaign was created to help improve road safety throughout New York and the rest of North America.

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