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Remotely-driven trucks may be coming to New York

As with self-driving cars, there are also increasing numbers of self-driving large trucks under development. However, there's one big obstacle that's keeping more self-driving trucks from transporting goods, and the issue is that it is difficult for autonomous trucks to successfully navigate the small and often cluttered spaces of loading bays.

Starsky Robotics, a company based in California, has come up with a potentially workable solution to this problem, which is to have truck drivers handle parking at loading bays remotely. Trucks that use computers to drive them have cameras and radar systems that allow them to drive on highways and roads. These same systems are used by truck drivers in offices to maneuver trucks in areas that computers aren't able to.

The computer system that allows truckers to drive the vehicles remotely is essentially a very boring video game. It is similar to manning a drone, and drivers still use a steering wheel and work pedals when controlling a truck. According to the one of the company's co-founders, the goal isn't to keep truckers from having a job. Instead, it's to offer these individuals more time at home and the ability to drive while in a much safer location.

Self-driving trucks will certainly cut down on the number of accidents that are caused by truck driver fatigue. However, since there will continue to be human involvement, attorneys who are representing people in other vehicles who have been hurt in a collision with an autonomous truck will look at that factor as well as examining the software to see if a glitch contributed to the crash.

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