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Dealing with spring break injuries

For many New York college students, spring break is a chance to get away from school obligations for a few days. However, it is also a common time to suffer injuries, which can be difficult if the student is away from home and school. Knowing what to do after suffering common spring break injuries can ease students' minds.

Businesses and establishments are required to keep visitors safe. If a person becomes a victim of a violent crime while attending an event, the property owner could be held liable. Additionally, the perpetrator who committed the crime can also be held responsible. Likewise, event operators, including party hosts, who fail to keep attendees safe from property hazards could also be held liable for any injuries that are suffered.

Those who are injured while on board a cruise ship or while at port are protected under maritime law and could seek compensation for injuries. Because these types of cases are more difficult, retaining legal help can improve a person's chances of seeking compensation. Those who are injured while abroad may have to seek legal recourse in the country where the incident took place.

People who are injured while they are on another person's property may have the grounds to file a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner. Liability will turn on a variety of factors, however. One of them is whether the property owner was or should have been aware of a hazardous condition but failed to correct it. Another will be the status of the injured victim. If the person was trespassing, it is likely that recovery will be barred absent unusual circumstances, such as if the plaintiff was a child and there was what is known as an "attractive nuisance" on the property.

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