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January 2017 Archives

New bill increases penalties for construction safety violations

A New York state bill that was announced on Jan. 12 will change the state's penal code if passed and make it easier to prosecute corporations. Construction companies are a focus of the bill, and it includes specific rules for improving safety on construction sites.

What you should know about a wrongful death lawsuit

It was the worst day of your life when you got the phone call that a car accident had claimed your husband's life. The driver had been texting and ran a red light. New York courts convicted the other driver of negligence, but a fine paid to the state and a few years in jail is not enough.

Ski lift maintenance may prevent injuries

According to those in the ski industry, New York residents and others are more likely to get hurt or die driving to a ski resort than on a ski lift. The National Ski Areas Association claims that the last death caused by a ski lift malfunction occurred in 1993. Overall, there have only been 12 deaths attributed to faulty ski lifts since 1973.

NHTSA proposes rules to curb distracted driving

New York residents may be interested to know about new NHTSA guidelines aimed at reducing instances of distracted driving. One proposal is that phones pair with an interface inside of the vehicle. When in use, it would prevent the driver from seeing anything when he or she looks at the phone. Another proposal would ask cell phone makers to create a drive mode if a phone could not be paired.

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