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December 2016 Archives

Extended doctor shifts may increase patient risk

In 2011, doctors in training, or residents, were restricted to working shifts that were no longer than 16 hours after studies revealed that their exhaustion increased the rate at which they made dangerous mistakes. In December 2016, however, news sources reported that some physician training groups were pushing for a change that could almost double the maximum shift length. If these proposals succeed, residents in New York and other states may end up working for 28 hours at a stretch.

Snapchat speed filter and reckless driving behavior

Distracted driving can be deadly for New Yorkers. With the internet, social media and smartphones readily available, there are many additional distractions that are available in today's world. Among them, a filter used with Snapchat is raising particular concerns. The speed filter is thought to be highly distracting while also encouraging people to drive recklessly.

Medical malpractice suits start with proving negligence

The modern world's advances cure all kinds of ailments and injuries, making it easy to forget that many worsened conditions and deaths occur due to negligent in-patient treatment. However, it can be difficult proving negligence on the part of a doctor, nurse or some other care provider.

Lawmakers block safety regulations for trucking industry

Truck drivers in New York may cause serious accidents if they drive while they are fatigued by lack of sleep. To ensure that truckers are well rested, the federal government has sleep and rest break laws for commercial truck drivers. A couple of those safety rules were effectively blocked in December, and there could be more regulations blocked soon.

Sleep deprivation linked to car crashes

People who don't get enough sleep put themselves and others in danger when they decide to drive. About a fifth of the roughly 35,000 crash-related fatalities that occurred in New York and across the country in 2015 can be linked to a drowsy driver, according to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Self-driving trucks could lead to regulatory reform

New York roads could become safer when the U.S. trucking industry begins using autonomous vehicles, according to a report by the American Transportation Research Institute. However, the organization says many hurdles must be cleared before self-driving trucks are widely adopted by the industry.

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