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2 dangerous pharmaceutical recalls from recent history

New York medical patients go to their doctors hoping to find relief and cures for their ailments. The last thing they expect is to get sicker because of the treatments and medicines they receive. However, two recent FDA recalls show how it is not uncommon for dangerous chemicals disguised as treatments and cures to be lurking in our medicine cabinets.

Let's take a look at two horrifically dangerous drugs that were recalled by the FDA in recent years: reumofan Plus and Actos.

reumofan Plus: Poison in disguise

reumofan Plus was touted as a miracle treatment for those suffering from muscle, joint and bone pains. The creator, Riger Naturals, said that reumofan Plus relieved musculoskeletal pain naturally, implying that it posed no threat to its users. However, the drug actually contains a number of poisonous pharmaceutical compounds.

When the drug first appeared on the market, the Federal Drug Administration had reservations about its safety, and in 2012, the FDA issued a warning about its dangerous side effects. The FDA repeated these warnings again, until it finally took the drug off the market in 2014.

In contravention to its claims of relieving pain, reumofan actually weakens the bones of its users, which leads to increased pain later on down the road. It also comes with the risk of causing potentially fatal gastrointestinal ailments like ulceration, perforation and bleeding.

Actos: Cures diabetes, causes heart attacks and cancer

When Actos - generically named Pioglitazone - appeared on pharmacy shelves throughout the world in 1999, doctors and their patients were told that it was an incredible treatment for people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Indeed, it was.

Created by the drug manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Actos lowers insulin resistance, helps get rid of excess sugar, reduces blood sugar spikes and increases insulin sensitivity. With all its benefits, Actos transformed Type 2 Diabetes into an easily manageable condition, and quickly became a bestselling drug.

Tragically, Actos causes far more harm than good. Its manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, was well aware of the fact that patients taking Actos frequently suffer side effects like kidney disease and congestive heart failure. Then, about 10 years after its release, it became clear that Actos patients have an 83 percent higher chance of contracting bladder cancer.

How can these drugs still be on the shelves?

In spite of the dangers associated with reumofan Plus and Actos, the drugs are still being manufactured, and they're still available for purchase. Due to the FDA ban, Riger Naturals is limited to selling reumofan Plus in other countries and over the internet. However, Takeda Pharmaceuticals can still sell Actos in the United States as long as it includes labels issuing heavy warnings about its dangers.

New York residents and other Americans who have been harmed by these or other drugs may have the ability to seek legal action in court. By speaking with a personal injury attorney about their injuries, consumers can learn more about the strength and viability of claiming financial damages relating to the costs associated with medical care and other damages caused by dangerous pharmaceutical drugs.

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