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Pokemon Go app brings worry of car accidents

Even if you rarely frequent the internet, you still have probably heard about the new craze: Pokemon Go. To describe it very simply, it's a game that you download onto your smartphone that allows you to catch virtual creatures called Pokemon. It uses your GPS and allows you to walk around to look for these creatures. The more places you go, the more chance you have of catching rare Pokemon.

Although the game is fun for all ages, the real concern seems to be safety. The individuals who play these games have a tendency to get caught up with looking at the screen and forget to watch where they are going. When you open the game, the screen even says "Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings," but unfortunately not everyone is listening to this advice.

We have already heard about people walking into traffic and onto private property searching for Pokemon. Now, we are hearing reports of people trying to capture Pokemon as they are driving.

Recently, a driver in New York crashed into a tree because he was playing Pokemon Go and was distracted, according to a news report. Thankfully the man only suffered minor injuries and did not involve any other vehicles in the accident.

The main concern now is that people playing this game while driving will cause car accidents that may lead to injuries or fatalities. Time will tell whether this game becomes a serious concern for drivers. While negligence on the part of the driver will likely be evident, it will be interesting to see if any lawsuits are brought against the video game manufacturer.

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