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July 2016 Archives

Cheating truck drivers pose a real danger to other motorists

Obviously, driving a coupe or even an SUV is nothing like driving a massive 18-wheeler truck. Therefore, it is no surprise that individuals who want to drive these colossal, heavy, and dangerous vehicles need to acquire a commercial driver's license and not just a regular driver's license. Unfortunately, not every truck driver attains their CDL through legitimate means. In fact, cases recently reported by the Department of Transportation's Office of Inspector General have shown that cheating truck drivers are not as uncommon as many people seem to think.

Pokemon Go app brings worry of car accidents

Even if you rarely frequent the internet, you still have probably heard about the new craze: Pokemon Go. To describe it very simply, it's a game that you download onto your smartphone that allows you to catch virtual creatures called Pokemon. It uses your GPS and allows you to walk around to look for these creatures. The more places you go, the more chance you have of catching rare Pokemon.

Group recommends changes to crane safety policies

The Tribeca crane accident in February led Mayor Bill de Blasio to create the Crane Safety Technical Working Group. That group has recently come back with 23 recommendations to improve crane safety. Those safety recommendations could help construction workers avoid injuries if the recommendations are followed.

Devastation after a car accident demands compensation

One second you are driving down the road on your way to your next destination and the next second you are in searing pain. You were in a car accident and you are injured. What do you do now? The first thing that you do is to assess your injuries and get medical help on the way. From there, the events are likely going to be a blur. You will probably end up at the hospital. Law enforcement officers will question you. You will have to deal with insurance companies and other people who need to know about the accident. In some cases, you might explore the possibility of a lawsuit.

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