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Personal injury claims stemming from Airbnb rentals

With alternatives to hotels, such as host homes through Airbnb and couch surfing, becoming more common, it is inevitable that people will become involved in accidents while at these locations. That brings up the point of who is liable for injuries, accidents and deaths that occur at hotel alternatives.

Hosts that rent out their homes are likely liable when an accident occurs on their property. These hosts fall in between social hosts and hotels since they are engaging in a for-pay-social-host gig.

Hotels and social hosts are liable for injuries that occur on their property. Both have the responsibility to ensure that the premises is safe for the guests who come onto them. When there are safety hazards that are present, it is up to the host or hotel owner to warn the guests of those hazards. This is especially true if the hazards aren't easily recognizable.

In many cases, social hosts and Airbnb hosts will have homeowners' insurance to help provide insurance coverage in case of an accident. That isn't a foolproof plan; however, because most homeowners' insurance policies won't cover damages that occur as part of a commercial activity, such as renting out the home. That would leave the homeowner liable for all damages that occurred if there was an injury or death that occurred during the rental.

For those who have been injured while renting an Airbnb property, determining who is at fault and should be listed on the claim for compensation can become difficult. Sorting through the evidence in the case is one of the first things that you must do in order to get your claim moving.

Source: FindLaw, "Death at Airbnb: Who's Liable?," Christopher Coble, Esq., accessed May 06, 2016

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