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Teen dies after nut exposure at school

Parents who send their children to school expect that the school will properly care for their children. One example of this occurs when a child has a known allergy, such as a food allergy. While some children will know that they can't have certain foods, other children might not realize the danger they are in if they eat a food they are allergic to. One event at PS 226 shows how important it is for all school officials to be aware of possible food allergies.

The incident occurred in March of 2014 when a 13-year-old boy was given a candy bar by a member of the school staff. The candy bar had nuts in it. The issue was that the boy had a known peanut allergy. According to the boy's mother, he was careful about what he ate.

On the day of the incident, the boy's classmate asked a staff member for a candy bar. The boy also wanted one and was given a strawberry candy bar. Soon after he was given the candy bar, he started vomiting. His mother asserts that at that point, the school nurse was unable to treat him because she didn't have an epinephrine pen. Emergency services weren't contacted.

Eventually, another nurse was able to provide an epinephrine pen and the boy was given two shots. The shots weren't given in time, and the boy died. The mother says his death was a double blow because he was slated to donate bone marrow to his younger brother who suffers from sickle cell disease.

His mother is suing the Department of Health and the Department of Education in this case. The Department of Education, which notes that there is a requirement for an epinephrine pen in every medical room at public schools, is investigating the incident.

When tragedies like this strike, parents can opt to take legal action for their loss. Learning about how to exercise this option can help you make a choice about how you will handle your claims.

Source: Opposing Views, "Tragedy Strikes After Boy Eats A Candy Bar Given To Him At School," Charles Roberts, April 23, 2016

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