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April 2016 Archives

Teen dies after nut exposure at school

Parents who send their children to school expect that the school will properly care for their children. One example of this occurs when a child has a known allergy, such as a food allergy. While some children will know that they can't have certain foods, other children might not realize the danger they are in if they eat a food they are allergic to. One event at PS 226 shows how important it is for all school officials to be aware of possible food allergies.

Construction injuries can qualify for workers' compensation

Construction workers are at risk of being injured throughout each shift on the job site. When a worker does suffer an injury, he or she might opt to seek compensation through the workers' compensation program. This program provides coverage that ensures construction workers can get the essential medical care that they need if they are injured.

Claims relating to construction accidents depend on circumstances

Working at a construction site means that you are constantly dealing with hazards that can be life-threatening. There are some instances in which a construction worker might be injured due to the actions or lack of action by a third-party. When that occurs, we can help you to seek compensation from the third-party.

Despite initial skepticism, blood test can help detect concussions

In a fall, there is a chance that you will hit your head on an object that is nearby or on the ground. That hit to the head could mean that you might suffer from a concussion. When it comes to head injuries like concussions, doctors are often left having to make an educated guess in order to make a diagnosis. This leaves some patients without a proper diagnosis, which means they don't get the medical treatment they need.

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