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Post-traumatic amnesia can occur after a car crash head injury

A lot of unknowns occur when you injury your head in a car accident. There is the possibility that you won't suffer any adverse effects, but there is also the possibility that you will suffer long-term effects. Cognitive difficulties and changes are one of the types of effects that can happen after a brain injury.

Cognitive deficits are those that affect the way you think. This can include your abilities to problem solve, reason, remember and remain aware. This can make life difficult to live because you aren't able to function with the cognitive abilities with which you are accustomed.

It is possible to suffer from post-traumatic amnesia if you suffered from a brain injury. One study that was published in Brain Injury noted that the worse the traumatic brain injury is, the worse the post-traumatic amnesia can be.

The duration of the post-traumatic amnesia can also be a determining factor in the recovery of functions after the accident. This means that if the amnesia lasts a long time, the person is less likely to make a full recovery.

Post-traumatic amnesia can lead to hospitalizations and other recovery options. These can lead to considerable expenses for the person who was injured in the motor vehicle crash.

If you suffered from a brain injury in a car accident that led to amnesia, you might choose to seek compensation for the injury. Compensation wouldn't make the amnesia or functional issues go away, but it could help you to better afford the care and assistance that you need to live your life to the fullest despite your injury.

Source: Brainline.org, "Post-Traumatic Amnesia and Functional Outcome After Brain Injury," accessed March 10, 2016

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