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Improper warnings about floor maintenance can lead to accidents

Property owners and possessors are expected to keep the floors clean and suitable for people to walk. When the floors aren't properly kept up or clear signage isn't used, there is a chance that people who are visiting the property might slip and fall. A slip-and-fall accident can have significant impacts on the person who fell.

While it is expected that people are going to have to do certain maintenance to floors, such as waxing or mopping, it is also expected that certain precautions will be taken. One of the precautions that must be taken is that the public must be made aware of the maintenance that is being performed.

Letting people know that the floor maintenance poses a safety hazard can be done by setting up a barrier to keep people out of the area. It can also be done by placing signs around the area that let people know the area is wet or being cleaned.

There are other hazards that can occur when floors are being maintained. These include applying wax unevenly so that the floor has uneven spots or only waxing part of the floor. It is also possible that accidents can occur if there are carpeted areas or rugs that aren't properly kept up. These can include worn areas, curled edges, bulges or other issues that can result in footwear getting caught.

If you were injured due to one of these conditions, you might decide to take action. You can file a premises liability lawsuit to try to cover the costs of the injury you suffered.

Source: FindLaw, "Indoor Slip and Fall Accident Conditions," accessed March 04, 2016

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