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Electrical injuries demand prompt medical care

Many New York construction workers have do their job duties near electrical wires and other sources of electricity. This can prove to be very hazardous to the workers if proper safety protocol isn't followed. When a person suffers an electrical injury, the effects can be serious. In some cases, they can be fatal.

Electrical injuries can occur in three ways. One of these is by damaging the tissues of the body that have direct contact with the current. Thermal burns are usually the result of this type of contact with the electrical currents.

Another type of injury occurs when the current passes through the body. The current can destroy the tissues, muscles, and nerves that it comes into contact with. This can have a variety of effects that are dependent upon the location of the injury and the severity of the damage.

A third type of injury that can occur is one that affects the heart. When the electrical current moves through the heart, it can cause cardiac arrest. This is a condition that can be fatal if it isn't treated adequately and immediately.

There are several different factors that can affect the severity of the injuries that people suffer when they are subjected to an electrical shock. These include their health, the voltage of the electricity, the type of electricity, the longevity of the electrical exposure, and how the electricity moved through the bodies.

It is crucial that a construction worker who comes into contact with an electrical current get immediate medical care. Of course, the employee shouldn't have to cover that expense or other expenses related to the accident.

Source: MedlinePlus, "Electrical injury," accessed Feb. 18, 2016

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