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February 2016 Archives

Compensation claims for a Construction accident might be complex

Injuries that occur at construction sites can run the gamut from scrapes to electrical injuries. When the injury is severe enough to require medical care, it is important that the construction worker gets that care promptly. Once medical care is received, the focus usually turns to how the accident occurred. From there, the issue of workers' compensation usually comes up.

Electrical injuries demand prompt medical care

Many New York construction workers have do their job duties near electrical wires and other sources of electricity. This can prove to be very hazardous to the workers if proper safety protocol isn't followed. When a person suffers an electrical injury, the effects can be serious. In some cases, they can be fatal.

Your loved one's death deserves action

Frustration, anger and disbelief are some of the emotions that you are likely to experience after your loved one's death. All of these are part of the normal grieving process. When your loved one died without any warning or in a traumatic way, the emotional effects might be even pronounced. We know that your emotions are raw because of your loved one's death.

How can I deal with the anguish of my loved one's untimely death?

A loved one's tragic death can bring up many feelings in the people who are left behind to grieve that loss. Anguish, anger and denial are some of the possible emotions that you might feel. Because the loss is so sudden when your loved one is killed in a horrific accident, you might feel like you are unable to cope with the loss. As time progresses, you will likely find yourself going through the five stages of grief.

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