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What are the different types of traumatic amputations?

Construction workers are at risk of several different types of injuries. One of these injuries is a traumatic amputation. This type of amputation can occur if the construction worker is caught between two pieces of equipment or gets cut with a piece of equipment. A traumatic amputation is always a medical emergency that requires special steps to be taken if there will be any chance of reattaching the body part.

What is a complete traumatic amputation?

When one part of the body is completely severed from the rest of the body, it is considered a complete traumatic amputation. These types of amputations can often be reattached if the stump and severed part are properly cared for. This means wrapping the severed part in a clean damp cloth and placing it in a sealed plastic bag. That bag should be immersed in ice water; however, the severed part can't be placed directly in the ice water.

What is a partial traumatic amputation?

If the severed body part is still attached to the body with some soft tissues, it is considered a partial traumatic amputation. In this case, the ability to reattach the severed part depends on the condition of the severed area. In this type of amputation, you mustn't try to replace the severed part to the body as trying to put it all back together can cause more damage.

Construction workers who suffer from traumatic amputations will likely be out of work for a while. They should explore their options for replacing their income and getting their medical care costs covered.

Source: MedlinePlus, "Traumatic Amputation," accessed Jan. 28, 2016

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