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Snowy sidewalks can lead to falls that can lead to hip fractures

The winter months are here. That means that New York will soon turn into a snowy scene. As beautiful as the scenery is when the snow is falling, there is a huge risk that the pedestrians face when the snow falls. Icy sidewalks and snowy pathways can lead to falls. Those falls often come with injuries. In some cases, the injury that occurs might be a hip fracture.

If you fall on the snow or ice, you are probably going to get up very cautiously. Pay attention to pain in your upper leg, hip area or groin. If you have severe pain in any of those areas and have trouble putting weight on that leg, you might have suffered a hip fracture.

Other signs of a hip fracture include stiffness or bruising on the affected side, the leg on the affected side appearing shorter and the leg on the affected side turning out in an odd way. If you have any signs of a hip fracture, you should seek medical care right away.

When you seek care for a hip fracture, you will undergo imaging tests so the medical team can determine the type of fracture you have. Once that is determined, a treatment plan is established. In most cases, hip fractures require surgery. The surgery will either be to repair the hip or to replace the hip.

After the surgery, you will likely be on bed rest for a while. You will also have to go through rehabilitation. All of this requires that you have help with your care. It is also fairly expensive.

With the cost in mind, you might opt to seek compensation for your hip fracture if you were injured in a fall on a sidewalk that should have been cleared. Learning your options can help you decide what to do.

Source: Mayo Clinic, "Hip Fracture," accessed Nov. 27, 2015

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