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Defective system keeps recalled tires on the roadways

People who purchase new tires trust that the manufacturer is providing a safe product and that the people installing the tires are doing their job properly. In some cases, defective tires are making their way onto vehicles and the owners of those vehicles have no idea that they are riding around on tires that could fail at any given second.

After an investigation that has lasted a year, the National Transportation Safety Board has come to the determination that the system for recalling tires is broken. The recall process isn't working as it should because of the lack of registration that occurs when tires are sold by independent tire shops.

Tire manufacturers are unable to alert many vehicle owners when the tires they purchased are recalled simply because there is no contact information known for the person who purchased the tires. One recommendation that has been presented is to adopt a new system based on the Tire Identification Number so that tire owners and mechanics can easily find out if a tire is recalled.

While the number of fatalities caused by defective tires is up for debate, the figure ranges somewhere between the 200 fatalities that the Rubber Manufacturers Association claims and the high of 500 that NTSB estimates. In either case, those deaths might be prevented if the recall process was functioning as it should.

People who are injured because of accidents that were caused by defective tires might choose to seek compensation. In the case of fatal accidents, immediate family members who lost a loved one might also choose to seek compensation. A New York personal injury attorney can provide valuable advice.

Source: ABC News, "Danger on Wheels? Feds Say Tire Recall System 'Completely Broken'," Brian Ross, Cindy Galli, Randy Kreider, Oct. 27, 2015

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