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October 2015 Archives

Defective system keeps recalled tires on the roadways

People who purchase new tires trust that the manufacturer is providing a safe product and that the people installing the tires are doing their job properly. In some cases, defective tires are making their way onto vehicles and the owners of those vehicles have no idea that they are riding around on tires that could fail at any given second.

You must report accidents that involve injuries right away

The stress of being in an automobile accident can sometimes lead to people forgetting about some basic points after the accident. One of the points that is very important to remember is that you must report the accident to the police department if there is any injury or death caused by the accident. This notification must occur immediately in those cases.

Wrongful death claims must meet 4 requirements

When you or your family members are out and about on Staten Island or other areas in New York City, you have the reasonable expectation to remain safe. There are some instances in which a person might be involved in an accident even though they were trying to remain as safe as possible. When a person dies because of injuries suffered in an unexpected accident, the family members who are left behind might explore their options to seek compensation.

Construction accidents can lead to lifelong expenses

When people leave for work in the morning, they expect to come home safe. Most people can do just that; however, there are some workers who are injured on the job. These workers face a host of problems that can stem from that unexpected injury. We know that having to deal with a bunch of legal stuff isn't high on the list of priorities for a worker who has suffered an injury.

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