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September 2015 Archives

Construction accident shows how small factors can turn serious

Going to work at a construction site comes with certain risks and dangers. Construction workers usually do everything they can to ensure that they remain safe. Their employers also have to take steps to ensure that the workers have what they need to work in a safe manner. A recent accident at a construction site in Midtown Manhattan shows just how fast an accident can occur at a construction site.

Here are the hours-of-service rules for truck and bus drivers

Truck drivers and trucking companies are subject to federal regulations and held to a high standard of safety for good reason. Commercial motor vehicles, called CMVs in the industry, typically weigh at least 10,000 pounds and travel from state to state at high rates of speed. That combination of size, weight and speed makes trucks and buses inherently dangerous, so drivers and their employers must be held to a high standard of safety.

What is a property owner's duty to prevent accidents?

Last week, we discussed an incident that injured five people at Bryant Park. If your recall, a tree fell and injured people who were visiting the park. That post is a good reminder that property owners have a legal duty to take appropriate steps to prevent injuries. When a person is injured on another person's property, the person who was injured might be interested in seeking compensation. One of the points that has to be covered when seeking compensation is the victim's status on the property at the time of the accident.

5 injured when tree falls on them in Bryant Park

All property owners have a duty to keep the people who come onto their property safe. This duty is universal for all property owners and not just those who own private property. Even municipalities and entities who own lands that are open for public enjoyment must keep their property safe. A recent accident in Bryant Park shows how important it is for property owners to regularly inspect the property for any issues that can affect the safety of others.

Determine the cause of a truck accident when seeking compensation

Accidents with semi-trucks can lead to catastrophic injuries or fatal injuries for people who are riding in smaller personal vehicles. The heavy weight of the trucks and the huge build of the big rigs make them very dangerous if they aren't driven in a safe and proper manner. We know that anyone who is injured in a semi-truck accident is likely to have a lengthy recovery period.

Should I consider a structured settlement to resolve my claim?

When some people hear about settlements for personal injury cases, they automatically assume that they will receive the money all at once. That isn't always the case. Some personal injury cases are settled out of court before the case goes to trial. Some of those cases are settled through a structured settlement. Understanding some basic points about structured settlements might help you decide if this is an option you would consider.

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