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What you should know about construction work site accidents

When you work in construction, there is always the chance that you could be injured. Many injuries occur daily in New York due to construction accidents. The project map may be set one day and be different the next. Oversized trucks are constantly entering and exiting and can collide or even tip over. Scaffolding is either non-existent or is flimsy.

The laws of New York take construction work accidents and injury very seriously. All contractors and owners, except for those working on one and two family dwellings, are required to have the following safety features if they are erecting, demolishing, repairing or cleaning a building:

-- Scaffolding

-- Hoists

-- Stays

-- Ladders

-- Slings

-- Hangers

-- Blocks

-- Pulleys

-- Braces

-- Irons

-- Ropes

-- And any other safety device that is needed to ensure the safety of the construction workers.

While the construction company that you work for can be held liable if you are hurt, architects and landscape architects are protected from liability because they have no direct control of safety equipment. This exception does not in any way diminish the liability that is held against engineers or architects that do have some direct control of the construction site.

Scaffolding is another area that New York law deals with. Scaffolding that is 20 feet above the ground or more must have a safety rail securely attached to it by being bolted or otherwise firmly attached. The only openings are for workers and supplies to be moved into the area.

Many things can go wrong at a construction site that can injure you. If you have suffered because of poor safety equipment being available, you can call the Law Office of Orin J. Cohen and we can look over the facts of the case with you. You need time to heal. You don't need to be worrying about medical bills and how you will feed your family while you are convalescing.

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