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Distracted driving can lead to fatalities

Driving distracted is such a huge problem that the U.S. Department of Transportation has issued a guideline that is attempting to inform us of the dangers of this activity. The topic of this booklet works to reduce the occurrence of driving distracted. Car accidents due to this activity can cause injury and death -- not only to the drivers of the vehicle but the passengers, pedestrians and bikers.

When a driver diverts his or her attention away from the road, an accident can occur. Whether it is for a phone call, a text, eating, talking or simply a change of station on the radio, this is driving distracted.

Ten percent of all fatal crashes in the U.S. were reported as being because of distracted driving. Not only that, but 18 percent of all injuries and 16 percent of all police-reported crashed in 2013 were caused allegedly by distracted driving. Sadly, 3,154 people perished due to distracted driving. An estimated 424,000 people were injured due to this cause in America in 2013.

Fully 10 percent of the drivers in the U.S. in the age group from 15-19 years that have been involved in fatal crashes reported that it was due to distracted driving. Unfortunately, most of the crashes that occur due to this activity happen to people in this age group.

In 2013, 480 people who were not passengers or drivers and were involved in accidents that were due to distracted driving were killed.

While it is true for you that you may not drive and text or talk on the phone and you pay attention while driving, not everyone does this. Driving defensively is important.

Believe it or not, some car accidents include two distracted drivers. Of all the fatal crashes in America in 2013, 2,959 had distracted drivers.

Being aware of the statistics can help you be aware of other drivers who are not driving attentively.

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation, "Distracted Driving 2013," accessed April. 07, 2015

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