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March 2015 Archives

Amazing photo shows accident scene that was nearly a disaster

While the following car accident story didn't happen here in New York, it is noteworthy for a number of reasons. A 17-year-old boy was driving his car on a bridge in New Hampshire when he hit a mound of snow. As a result of this, his car when flying into the air and eventually landed on the edge of the bridge, caught on the railing in a very precarious position.

Slip-and-falls aren't the only cause of unsafe premises

When it comes to lawsuits that deal with premises liability, one of the common events that triggers this legal action is a slip-and-fall incident. This usually occurs when an unsafe premises leads to a person slipping and falling, such as on a dilapidated or slippery surface.

After Daylight Saving Time shift, roads are more dangerous

Last weekend, everyone performed the seemingly-ridiculous ritual of turning their clocks forward one hour for Daylight Saving Time. That meant that last week, people were adjusting to a new sleep pattern -- and for one night, at least, they received one less hour of sleep than they are used to.

Controversy surrounding NY Scaffold Law rages on

As many New York residents are aware, the state has a law called the Scaffold Law which has drawn quite a bit of controversy over the years. But recently, it feels as though the controversies are far more prevalent. Both sides of the dispute are digging in, trying to prove their point and either trying to eliminate the law or prop it up.

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