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Federal study finds no link between marijuana and car crashes

A very interesting study has been released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a federal agency, that says there is no link between smoking marijuana, driving and causing a car accident. What's even more surprising is that the study came to this conclusion even though it was shown that people who were under the influence of marijuana just so happened to cause more accidents.

As confusing as that is, there is certainly one thing that everyone agrees on: even though there may be no link between causing a car accident and using marijuana, no one should get behind the wheel of a vehicle if they are under the influence of marijuana. Even though it may not be more likely for you to cause an accident, it is still illegal.

This study will certainly spark some questions that need some answers, and it may even generate more of a drive for states to adopt marijuana legalization measures like those notably in Colorado and Washington. But in the meantime, let's quickly touch on the use of intoxicating agents and then deciding to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

Taking such action -- i.e. drinking or smoking and then getting behind the wheel of a car -- will not only lead to you having criminal charges filed against you, but it can also lead to a civil lawsuit being filed against you. Victims of any wreck that you cause could point to your substance use and use it to substantiate negligence or reckless driving charges.

Source: The Hill, "Feds: No link between pot and car crashes," Jesse Byrnes, Feb. 7, 2015

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