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February 2015 Archives

Construction sites are dangerous, and accidents can happen

Imagine you are a construction worker, and you get to your work site just like you have on any other day during your career. Everything seems like a normal day. You work for a few hours and there haven't been any hiccups, but when you return from your lunch break, you have to go a couple of stories up a new building that is being constructed on the site. While you're up there, disaster strikes. You fall and suffer some serious injuries as a result.

Customer sues store after she injures herself in slip and fall

One of the major safety protocols that you probably don't think about that much, or even really notice, is the constant watch that stores must be on -- and the action they must take -- for dangerous conditions, slippery surfaces and other things that could pose a risk to any patrons or customers on their premises. part of this duty is visible in the form of those yellow safety cones that you see on the ground, warning people that you could slip and fall if you don't avoid the dangerous condition.

Federal study finds no link between marijuana and car crashes

A very interesting study has been released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a federal agency, that says there is no link between smoking marijuana, driving and causing a car accident. What's even more surprising is that the study came to this conclusion even though it was shown that people who were under the influence of marijuana just so happened to cause more accidents.

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