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Why you need to consider legal action after a car accident

Imagine that everything in your life is going just fine. You like your job and it seems like you're "moving up the ladder"; you recently were married to your significant other; and you're settling in to a new home. It feels like everything is looking up in your future: but then one day as you are driving in to work, another vehicle crashes into you. The resulting collision is devastating, and you suffer serious injuries in the crash.

Now all of those factors that we just mentioned are thrown up in the air. You can't work for a significant amount of time because you're trying to heal from the crash; your spouse has to take care of you for a significant portion of time, and it may strain his or her ability to work at their job; paying for your home may become a massive burden with the unexpected medical bills that you're racking up as a result of the crash.

Car accidents may seem simple, but the aftermath of them -- as we highlighted above -- is far more complex. This is why anyone who is injured in a car accident needs to seriously consider legal action if they can prove that the other driver was negligent or at fault in the crash.

That civil lawsuit that you file could lead to some much needed compensation that helps make up for the time you missed at work, while also giving you the ability to pay for those medical bills.

If you do consider one of these lawsuits in the wake of a car accident and you live on Staten Island -- or in the New York City area -- then consider us at Orin J. Cohen Law.

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