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Property damage involved in 2-car accident

A few weeks ago, a car accident in Staten Island left one person with serious injuries that required hospitalization. The wreck also led to some property damage. The wreck occurred in the afternoon and the police investigated the crash. Few other details are available other than the fact that a fence was damaged in the wreck.

With so little to go on, why are we writing about this story? Well, the fact that a piece of property was damaged in this wreck is actually a significant development. While this is a rare aspect in car accident, when it does happen it can lead to some serious implications in terms of liability, insurers and civil lawsuits.

Damaged property carries a major expense, and if it can be proven that one of the drivers was at fault, they could be on the hook for those damages. This can run a tab of thousands of dollars easily. Depending on your insurance, you may have some help -- but here again there is an important reminder about the perils of a car accident,

Your insurer isn't always necessarily on your side. In many cases, the insurance company will do everything possible to minimize how much they cover in an accident. This means that anyone who is involved in an accident and is depending on their insurer to help them out needs a lawyer to make sure their insurer doesn't "pull a fast one" on them.

Consider a personal injury attorney in the wake of an accident, especially if something unusual -- like property damage -- is involved with the wreck.

Source: silive.com, "Business fence damaged in 2-car accident in West Brighton," Mira Wassef, Jan. 7, 2015

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