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January 2015 Archives

Property damage involved in 2-car accident

A few weeks ago, a car accident in Staten Island left one person with serious injuries that required hospitalization. The wreck also led to some property damage. The wreck occurred in the afternoon and the police investigated the crash. Few other details are available other than the fact that a fence was damaged in the wreck.

Major pile-up in Staten Island injures 7

As the New York area -- and really all of the Northeast -- prepares for a serious snow storm, there was a recent car accident that was caused by wintry conditions. Apparently icy roads at a Staten Island intersection sparked a 15-vehicle pile-up that led to at least seven people suffering injuries that required hospitalization.

The teen DUI problem is very real, according to study

If we were to ask you "how many teenagers or young adult drivers who get into fatal car accidents are under the influence of alcohol or marijuana," how would you reply? What figure would you come up with in your head? It's very likely that you would think that the number is dramatically low. You may think these events are relatively rare, even though they are persistent enough in society to be a major safety concern.

Why you need to consider legal action after a car accident

Imagine that everything in your life is going just fine. You like your job and it seems like you're "moving up the ladder"; you recently were married to your significant other; and you're settling in to a new home. It feels like everything is looking up in your future: but then one day as you are driving in to work, another vehicle crashes into you. The resulting collision is devastating, and you suffer serious injuries in the crash.

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