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Blown stop sign leads to car accident in Staten Island

A car accident in Staten Island, New York early Friday morning left one person in critical condition and two other people with injuries that required hospitalization, though they are expected to be fine. The accident occurred at an intersection when a man driving a GMC went through a stop sign without stopping and collided with another vehicle. One of the people in that other vehicle suffered serious injuries and received the label of "critical condition" at a nearby hospital.

The other two people -- the drivers of the two vehicles -- were listed in stable condition. The police are investigating the accident, and other than that, there aren't many other details about the crash.

The first thing people will want to know about this crash is what caused the driver of the GMC to plow through the stop sign. Was he distracted in some way? Was he just not paying attention? Could he have been sleepy or fatigued?

Another critical element to learn about car accidents from this story is that medical care is vital in the wake of a collision. Obviously in some cases -- like with the man in critical condition in this story -- medical attention isn't a choice, it's necessary. But in more minor crashes, some people may feel like "toughing it out" and not getting medical attention for that bump to the head or a bruise on their back.

But that bump or bruise can develop into a serious problem down the line, and without medical care to help it heal initially, now you don't have a record of your injuries with emergency responders. If you wanted to file a lawsuit after the car accidents, it would be much more difficult for you to establish your injuries and medical history as it relates to the accident. So the lesson is this: always accept medical care when you are in an accident.

Source: silive.com, "1 man in critical condition, 2 others injured in West Brighton collision," Maura Grunlund, Nov. 21, 2014

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