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November 2014 Archives

After a hit and run accident, what are you supposed to do?

In our last post, we talked about a serious accident that occurred at a stop sign in Staten Island. Unfortunately, accidents like this happen all the time at intersection, and in some cases, one of the drivers involved in the wreck decides to speed off in his or her vehicle. These hit and run accidents are devastating for the person who is left at the scene.

Blown stop sign leads to car accident in Staten Island

A car accident in Staten Island, New York early Friday morning left one person in critical condition and two other people with injuries that required hospitalization, though they are expected to be fine. The accident occurred at an intersection when a man driving a GMC went through a stop sign without stopping and collided with another vehicle. One of the people in that other vehicle suffered serious injuries and received the label of "critical condition" at a nearby hospital.

People know texting while driving is dangerous -- and still do it

This may not necessarily surprise you, but a significant portion of people who know of the dangers of texting while driving admit that they have texted while driving at some point in their life. This is part of a new survey that aimed to get a better picture behind why people text and drive.

New texting while driving law in New York enacted last weekend

The state of New York recently enacted a law last weekend that is aimed at targeting drivers who text behind the wheel. The new law is meant to deter people from establishing a dangerous and reckless habit early in their driving lives, and to punish any driver who should no better -- in other words, drivers who are not considered "new" or "young."

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