A Practice Dedicated Completely To Helping New York City Injury Victims

No one plans to be injured in an accident; it happens suddenly, without warning, and at the worst possible times. Most people struggle when they are cut off from regular income, can't pay their medical and other bills, and have to live with the day-to-day challenges of healing, pain, frustration and — in the worst cases — grief over the loss of a loved one.

That's why personal injury law exists — to shield victims of negligence on Staten Island, in Brooklyn and across New York City from losing everything. This is the mission of Orin J. Cohen Law: obtaining rightful compensation for injured Staten Islanders.

Insurance companies are not your friend. Work with an effective, experienced personal injury lawyer to obtain what is only right.

Aggressive Personal Injury Representation For Staten Island And New York

Attorney Orin J. Cohen has been representing people injured by negligence for several decades. His commitment is to provide counsel empathetic to your difficulties and to obtain justice in your hour of need.

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Remember — it costs you nothing to call me and tell me your story. I accept payment only after I obtain a positive outcome for you. If you cannot come to my office, I will come to you.

Thirty years and still winning: A good attorney will maximize your recovery. Call Staten Island personal injury lawyer Orin J. Cohen at 718-303-2995 for a free evaluation of your case.